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eXtreme Burner
Version 1.4.2

PIC 150 Programmer
Version 150807
Electro Workbench 5.12
Full of bugs, specially with wires (when adding connections they tend to move randomly), has only a few components, some ICs are badly drawn, the automatic redraw fails, has no undo button. Doesn’t support PCBs. It’s fine for simulating simple logic gate circuits
Crocodile Technology
Quite nice simulator, allows for 3d visualization and easy PCB creation, automatic tracs. Has lots of components, but no microcontrollers or memories. Ideal to make small simple circuits with transistors, logic ICs or 555
Eagle Layout Editor
A pretty good program that allows for schematic and PCB design. Has no similator, but it’s useful to create professional PCBs, since there is a really large number of user libraries, supporting virtually every component.
Cedar Logic
It’s a digital logic simulator that works with blocks. There is no way to use commercial ICs, so it’s not useful for creating real circuits. It supports memories, matrix keyboards, z80 microprocessor
It’s an analogic circuit simulator, allows for accurate analysis of multiple circuits, with RLC, transistors, opamps, and different types of power supplies.
Allows for programming of multiple PICs, supports a huge number of programmers, including JDM. Tends to be fast and run without hitches.
The interface is really old, but has a great variety of microcontrollers and memories, such as 24lc, atmega, attiny, 8052.
Alternative to WinPic800, doesn’t need a driver installation to work with JDM programmer, so it works better in 64 bit Windows.
It’s an IDE that allows PIC programming using assembler (PIC18 supports C using HI-TEC compiler). The interface is a bit confuse and heavy.
C Compiler for AVR microcontrollers. It is basically a port of GCC so it has a high compatibility with most code, it has a better compliance with the standards than most PIC compilers.
Is a free compiler that allows for C programming in multiple microcontrollers, mainly 8052 series and PICs (the latter with a mediocre support with some bugs).